Review of the Land Fund in Mozambique (iTC - iniciativas para Terras Comunitärias). The review has focussed on the organizational governance systems, as well as the review of program implementation. The review has analyzed the institutional transition processaimed at establishing an independent foundation. It has paid special attention to the Social Preparation methodology, which aims at empowering communities through land delimitation and collective land demarcation. The monitoring system has been analysed with a critical view on documentation of change against strategic objectives. A gender analysis has been undertaken based on document review, interviews and field observations with the aim of assessing the implementation of the Gender & Diversity Strategy. The review included field work in Gaza, Sofala and Nampula Provinces. Draft findings and recommendations were presented to the iTC General Assembly. The review took place in May-June 2017 and involved a team of three consultants of which Bente Consulting provided the team leader. 

Community delimitation