The global civil society platform CIVICUS connects civil society organizations and activists from more than 170 countries worldwide. Sida has supported CIVICUS since 2004 and has commissioned an evaluation, which focus on the organizational capacity of CIVICUS to manage and implement an increasing program portfolio and corresponding budget. The evaluation is carried out through the Sida Framework Agreement with NIRAS Indevelop, and Bente Consulting provides the team leader. The evaluation included visit to the CIVICUS head quarters in South Africa, interviews in India and extensive skype interviews with member organizations, board members and staff in Latin America, North America and Canada, Europe, Asia and Africa. The evaluation took place from October 2017 to January 2018.

Sida was very satisfied with the result of the evaluation: "I must say that despite quite an open and broad assignment, you’ve done an excellent job overall to capture key points. You’ve particularly done a good job with trying to make the recommendations meaningful and possible to follow-up, not merely repeating things already known.........  it is so well-written, structured and dense with very valuable details........." Niklas Hansson, Sida CIVSAM team, 19.01.2018.