Under the headline of "Youth in Development" tools for youth engagement and youth mainstreaming are now available at Danida's Aid Management Guidelines website until May 7th, 2019. Click here and have a look! You are welcome to provide comments for the final editing, which is undertalen by Danida. 

Promoting development with and by  young people – not just for young people - has never been more acutely needed. The world is currently home to the largest generation of youth ever, most of whom live in developing countries. Young people constitute an enormous development potential, and meaningful inclusion of youth is key to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. However, development practitioners are often faced with the difficult task of how to incorporate youth into programmes, instruments and day-to-day activities; how to move from policy to practice.

The youth engagement and youth mainstreaming tools were developed by Bente Consulting in collaboration with Next Generation Advise and Skinny Dog Films.