Bente Consulting participates in a 15 months evaluation study of the application and effects of a Human Rights Based Approach in Swedish development cooperation. The study assesses the HRBA process and performance in terms of reduced poverty and improved human rights situation. The evaluation study includes 4 case country studies - Albania, Cambodia, Colombia and Kenya. Bente Consulting leads the case study in Albania which will take place from 19-31 January 2020. The case study will explore in detail the application of HRBA in three strategic sectors supported by Sida: Economic development, Human rights and democracy, and Environment. The evaluation will explore how HRBA is applied in different activities and by different actors; how staff and cooperation partners understand and perceive HRBA; and what works well, less well and why? After the field work, a case country report will be presented, and later a synthesis report comprising findings from all four case country studies will be presented and published by Sida.