Bente Consulting ApS will participate in the first round of assessments of Danish NGOs based on the Ressource Allocation Model (RAM) recently adopted by Danida. The first round of assessments include 11 organizations: 3F, Action Aid Denmark (MS), ADRA, CARE Denmark, DanChurchAid (FKN), Danish Handicap Organizations (DH), Danish Red Cross, Forests of the World, IBIS, the LO/FTF Council (ULS), and Save the Children Denmark (RB). The assessment will be based on the 2013-reports and 2015 plans to be submitted by the organizations on 15th September and include 24 standards (parameters) related to Strategic Planning, Results Reporting, Strategic Financing for Sustainability, and the Role as Danish Civil Society organization. August - December 2014, 20 working days.