The 2016 CSR-initiatives were relatively limited and included:   

  1. CO2 compensation for extensive air travelling throughoutthe year - a total of approximately 140,000 km =3½ times around the World, which equals a contributoin of DKK4,900 to BirdLife Denmark's (DOF) reforestation programs.
  2. Contribution to film project in Bangladesh. Bente Consulting ApS has supported the fundraising for the completion of a Documentary Film "Seemantorekha" (The Borderline) by Tanvir Mokammel in Bangladesh. Tanvir is a friend since 1980 - always dedicated to documenting social injustice through film and litterature. USD 150.
  3. Monthly contributions to Amnesty International, DKK 900.
  4. Support to Danish Association of the Physical Disabled's local chapter's Christmas publication, DKK 250.


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