Holidays count-down…. Finalizing one of the most productive 6-months period in my life as an independent consultant. In collaboration with a lot of great co-consultants, this has since January this year resulted in the following reports:

  • Gender Peer Review for Financial Sector Deepening Africa Network (30 pages main report + facilitation of 10 workshops)
  • Kosovo Agency for Gender Equality - evaluation of Swedish support (44 pages main report + technical proposal + inception report) - for FCG in collaboration with Ariana Qusaj-Mustafa
  • AIDS-fondet review for CISU (24 pages main report + Inception Note) - in collaboration with Camilla von Schroeder
  • UN Women Innovation Facility - review of Danish support ( 31 pages report) - in collaboration with Charlotte Kanstrup
  • UNFPA Innovation Fund - review of Danish support (32 pages report) - in collaboration with Charlotte Kanstrup
  • Evaluation of LO Norway’s collaboration with OTM-CS in Mozambique (36 pages main report + technical proposal + Inception Note) - in collaboration with Elias Ainadine
  • Evaluation of Foundation for Civil Society in Tanzania (50 pages main report + technical proposal + Inception Note) - for Niras in collaboration with Stephen Kirama, Adelaide Kisinda and Linda Helgesson Sekei.

In addition, a few other jobs were also completed:

  • Women’s Digital Financial Inclusion initiative (WDFI) 2021–2025 - guidance and QA on writing of project proposal for Financial Sector Deepening Mozambique
  • Assessment of 19 NGO applications for Danida Strategic Partnerships 2022-2025 - for HN Consultants in collaboration with Christian Boehm and Søren Langhoff
  • Human Rights Based Approach in program management - presentation at University of Nairobi webinar - in collaboration with Joshua Nyamori

Time for taking a good long break before I am back by mid-August for new and exciting jobs:

  • Facilitation of a one week regional planning workshop for SOS Børnebyerne in Nairobi - with physical presence! August 2021.
  • Gender mainstreaming and accountability roadmap for Financial Sector Deepening Zambia in September - October 2021.

Have a nice summer all of you - and a special thank you to all the great colleagues with whom I have worked this first half of 2021!



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