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Financial inclusion of women and youth in Zambia

As a spin-off of the midterm evaluation of the Swedish financed Women in Financial Inclusion and Capabilities project implemented by Financial Sector Deepening Zambia undertaken in April - June 2019, Bente Consulting was hired as a "thought leader", i.e. process consultant to facilitate the drafting of a Concept Paper for a second phase of the WIN-project. This included participation in a pre-design workshop with partners from private and financial sector, government and civil society, as well as drafting of the paper. The second phase of the WIN-program is designed to contribute to systemic and lasting market systems change in the area of inclusive finance, with particular benefit to poor and vulnerable women through a market systems development approach. The Concept Paper was presented to the Embassy of Sweden in Lusaka for further appraisal in January 2020.

Evaluation of Swedish HRBA in Albania

Bente Consulting participates in a 15 months evaluation study of the application and effects of a Human Rights Based Approach in Swedish development cooperation. The study assesses the HRBA process and performance in terms of reduced poverty and improved human rights situation. The evaluation study includes 4 case country studies - Albania, Cambodia, Colombia and Kenya. Bente Consulting leads the case study in Albania which will take place from 19-31 January 2020. The case study will explore in detail the application of HRBA in three strategic sectors supported by Sida: Economic development, Human rights and democracy, and Environment. The evaluation will explore how HRBA is applied in different activities and by different actors; how staff and cooperation partners understand and perceive HRBA; and what works well, less well and why? After the field work, a case country report will be presented, and later a synthesis report comprising findings from all four case country studies will be presented and published by Sida.

Evaluation report published - WIN-project Zambia

The mid-term evaluation of the Sida-financed Women in Financial Inclusion and Capabilities project implemented by Financial Sector Deepening Zambia was commissioned by Embassy of Sweden in Lusaka. The project is dynamic, agile and complex. It addresses pertinent problems of access to financial education and services for women and youth. Interest from private sector market operators, banks, financial institutions and mobile networks proves the relevance to the M4P-approach. The project demonstrates promising evidence of networking and dynamic exchange among involved actors at different levels and provides digital solutions to women’s and youth’s financial inclusion. Download and read the Win project evaluation report here

Final evaluation of GESTERRA Capacity Building Programme on Land Management and Administration in Mozambique

The final evaluation of the Swedish/Dutch financed capacity building program - GESTERRA - will focus on the achieved results in terms of enhanced capacity for land administration and land management in Mozambique. The program has worked with the designated national and provincial level government institutions (MITADER/DINAT and SPGCs) since 2013 with the aim of i.a. improving mechanisms to facilitate policy debate and resolving emerging land administration/management problems and strengthening of national and provincial capacity for responsive and inclusive land administration, including quality control and land inspection. The evaluation will be participatory, evidence based and forward looking. It will include field visits to three provinces in Mozambique, as well as a mini-survey with remaining provinces, and extensive stakeholder interviews at national, provincial and local levels. NIRAS Sweden is the contract holder, and Bente Consulting provides the team leader.

Youth in development - from policy to practice

Danida has launched the Youth Engagement and Youth Mainstreaming toolbox prepared by Bente Consulting in collaboration with Next Generation Advice and Skinny Dogs Films (graphic design) on Friday July 12th 2019. The toolbox is the result of an interactive and intensive processs engaging Danish youth development actors, the embassies in Ethiopia, Mali and Uganda as well as staff from the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The draft tools were scrutinized, discussed and validated by relevant stakeholders and have benefitted from valuable inputs and comments before being published. Have a look at the tools at Danida's Aid Management Guidelines webpage - hopefully they will be useful to many development practitioners!

Evaluation study of Sida's HRBA approach

Bente Consulting will participate in a 15 months evaluation study of the application and effects of a Human Rights Based Approach in Swedish development coopeation. The study will assess the HRBA process and performance in terms of reduced poverty and improved human rights situation. The evaluation study will include 3-4 case country studies of which Bente Consulting will lead one. The selection of case countries is ungoing and will be finalized in August-September 2019; the field studies will take place in October-November and a draft report will be submitted in the beginning of 2020.The contract with Sida's Evaluation Department is held by FCG Sweden. Read also FCG's presentation of the assignment here.

Youth in Development - test tools available

Under the headline of "Youth in Development" tools for youth engagement and youth mainstreaming are now available at Danida's Aid Management Guidelines website until May 7th, 2019. Click here and have a look! You are welcome to provide comments for the final editing, which is undertalen by Danida. 

Promoting development with and by  young people – not just for young people - has never been more acutely needed. The world is currently home to the largest generation of youth ever, most of whom live in developing countries. Young people constitute an enormous development potential, and meaningful inclusion of youth is key to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. However, development practitioners are often faced with the difficult task of how to incorporate youth into programmes, instruments and day-to-day activities; how to move from policy to practice.

The youth engagement and youth mainstreaming tools were developed by Bente Consulting in collaboration with Next Generation Advise and Skinny Dog Films.  

Mid-term evaluation WIN project Zambia

Mid-term evaluation of the Sida-financed Women Women in Financial Inclusion and Capabilities (WIN) project which is implemented by Financial Sector Deepening Zambia. The evaluation runs from March to June 2019 and will include 2 weeks field work in Zambia in May 2019. We are looking at implementation through 4-5 local partners who work with a wide range of activities aimed at enhancing women’s financial inclusion. A specific attention is paid to youth and the use of digital solutions:

  • Catholic Relief Servicessupporting female Savings Groups’ members
  • Restless Development: To provide financial education for youth to increase their financial capabilities and access to financial services
  • Mercy Corps - Agrifin Accelerate: To support female smallholder farmers with the aim of increasing income productivity through development of well-designed and accessible digital financial services for female smallholder farmers
  • iSchool: To provide financial education to school-going children through the national school curriculum. This intervention expects to help finalize, install, and monitor results of the financial education national curriculum for Grades 1-12

Bente Consulting ApS provides the team leader and the team of four is working for NIRAS Sweden under a Sida framework contract. 

CO2 compensation 2018

Even a small company sets carbon footprints - and the international consultancies often imply long distance travel. In 2018, the travelled distances were less than previous years, but it is nevertheless important to compensate for the damage caused. Bente Consulting supports BirdLife International's forest rehabilitation programs to compensate for the CO2 emission caused by air travel. Based on the recommended calculation from BirdLife, the 38,740 km travelled in 2018 added up to a contribution of DKK 1,500. Most companies should be able to afford this! 


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