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Local Social Plan for Chin State

The Local Social Plan for Chin State in Myanmar has been finalized and submitted to UNICEF in October 2014. It is a policy document supporting Chin State's Comprehensive 5-year Development Plan and Annual Planning for 2016-2021. The LSP is based on extensive field Work in all townships in Chin State carried out in January and March 2014 by a multi-disciplinary team with focus on Social Protection. Bente Consulting provided the team leader and was responsible for the writing and compilation of the report.

See the full report as attachment.

MENA Programme Document

Bente Consulting was hired by the MENA Department at the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs to re-write the programme document for the 2015 Danish Arab Partnership Programme to ensure compliance with Danida Aid Management Guidelines. 1 week, November 2014.


Read more about the Danish Arab Partnership Programme here.

Grant assessment consultant

Bente Consulting has been contracted by the Danish NGO platform Globalt Fokus to screen and assess applications from Danish NGOs for the capacity Building fund. The assignment involves two annual reounds of applications (April and October). 2014-15.

Read more about the grant Facility and Globalt Fokus here

Assessment of Danish NGOs

Bente Consulting ApS will participate in the first round of assessments of Danish NGOs based on the Ressource Allocation Model (RAM) recently adopted by Danida. The first round of assessments include 11 organizations: 3F, Action Aid Denmark (MS), ADRA, CARE Denmark, DanChurchAid (FKN), Danish Handicap Organizations (DH), Danish Red Cross, Forests of the World, IBIS, the LO/FTF Council (ULS), and Save the Children Denmark (RB). The assessment will be based on the 2013-reports and 2015 plans to be submitted by the organizations on 15th September and include 24 standards (parameters) related to Strategic Planning, Results Reporting, Strategic Financing for Sustainability, and the Role as Danish Civil Society organization. August - December 2014, 20 working days.

Citizens Engagement Program (CEP)

CEP - Citizens Engagement Program / Cidadania e Participação - in Mozambique has requested the services of Bente Consulting for the functional analysis review, which will take place in August 2014. The review will include a questionnaire survey among the CEP implementing partners and a workshop in Maputo. The review will focus on implementation mechanisms and collaboration between implementing partners, as well as value for money with the aim of presenting recommendations for improving the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the implementing consortium.

Finalizing Chin State Local Social Plan

The elaboration of the Local Social Plan (LSP) for Chin State in Myanmar is soon coming to an end. After several participatory workshops in Hakha, Chin State, the team has a wealth of information and input from local participants. The LSP will present plans for social protection mechanisms for vulnerable groups: children, persons with disabilities, elderly people and women. Focus is on access to health and educational rights, as well as strengthening of capacity and  access to information for NGO and government actors. Bente Consulting is responsible for the finalization of the LSP, which will be presented in Naypyidaw, Myanmar in September 2014.

Review of LO/FTF Council

Bente Consulting in collaboration with Yebo ApS has won the tender for the Danida review of the LO/FTF Council's partnership programs with trade unions in Middle East, North Africa, sub-Saharan Africa and Asia. The assignment will be carried out by a team of four consultants and include document review, key informant interviews at LO/FTF head quarter, a global questionnaire survey, field visits to partners in the MENA region, Rwanda and Tanzania and a desk review of the Asia program. The review will be carried out in the period of May to July 2014.

Danida Country Program Appraisal in Tanzania

Bente Consulting will participate in the Danida appraisal mission of the new Tanzania Country Program. The country program comprises four main thematic programs: governance, business development, health and general budget support. Bente Consulting will provide input on human rights based approach (HRBA), gender and results monitoring. The appraisal mission takes place from April 25th to May 10th, 2014.


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