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CSR - Support to MSF in Syria

Bente Consulting has supported the work of MSF's (Medecins Sans Frontieres / Læger uden Grænser) work in Syria with a donation of DKK 2.000. Read more about MSF in Syria here.

Evaluation LO/FTF program in Mozambique & Malawi

LO/FTF Council - the Danish trade union council for international development co-operation - has contracted Bente Consulting ApS to undertake an internal evaluation of their Southern Africa program. The evaluation will among other things focus on lessons learned in the areas of organizational development, advocacy and the informal sector. The evaluation will include field visits to Mozambique and Malawi and start by the end of September. Read more about LO/FTF here.

Danish Association of the Blind

The Danish Association of the Blind (DBS) supports their sister organizations in Laos and Mongolia through a regional program in Asia. Bente Consulting ApS in collaboration with local consultants will undertake an evaluation of the program, adressing issues related to the regional program set-up, advocacy work and monitoring practices. The preliminary findings will be presented and discussed at a seminar in Ulaanbataar, Mongolia by mid-August 2013. Read more about DBS here (in Danish).

Violence Against Women in MENA

The Women's Council of Denmark (Kvinderådet), the Danish Association of Women's Shelters (LOKK) and Danner are preparing a partnership agreement with the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs on a program adressing Violence Against Women in the Middle East and North Africa. Bente Consulting ApS facilitates the elaboration of the program document in close collaboration with the three organizations. Get more information about the Danish-Arab Partnership Programme here.

Citizen Engagement Programme Mozambique

The Citizen Engagement Programme (CEP) in Mozambique, funded by DFID and Irish Aid has undertaken a mapping of citizen engagement initiatives in Mozambique and analyzed a number of selected cases. Based on this, lessons learned on best startegies and mechanisms for support to active citizen engagement in monitoring of public service delivery in health and education have been identified. Bente Consulting ApS has provided input on methodology and quality assurance of the final report. Read more about CEP here.

Civil society funding mechanisms

Joint mechanisms for funding to civil society organizations in the South are becoming a preferred modalities. This poses new challenges when addressing support to advocacy and capacity building. And Northern development organzations are increasingly forced to find a new identity in the globalized civil society. Read my Discussion Paper which was presented at a Fagligt Fokus-meeting in Copenhagen on 6 May 2013. - debate on new Danish civil society policy

Bente Consulting ApS has been invited to contribute to the debate on the perspectives for a revised Danish civil society policy in connection with the publication of a recent evaluation of the Danish civil society development strategy. Download the evaluation report here. The debate will be available at in June 2013.

10.06.2013. Read my contribution to the debate: Several evaluations of support to civil society over recent years have come up with more or less the same recommendations, but very little c...hange in the actual implementation and collaboration with local CSOs in the South has taken place. Read more discussion at And read my contribution on the need to listen to the local civil society's voice and demand for i.a. flexible and untied funding, longterm perspectives, knowledge of local context and recogntion of local CSOs' own political agendas

CSR: Supporting Somali Fair Fishing


Somali Fair Fishing is an independent Danish-Somali NGO, which aims to contribute to the stabilization of the country through prevention of piracy and mitigation of unemployment and poverty. Read more about the Somali Fair Fishing initiative is here. Bente Consulting ApS has supported the Somali Fair Fishing initiative with DKK 2.000, corresponding to the fee received for the presentation of a discussion paper on South Funding modalities in Fagligt Fokus on 6th May 2013.


EC assignment on Promoting civil society participation in domestic policy and budget processes.

With the purpose of producing a guidance document on how to assess and promote the participation of civil society in domestic policy and budget processes, Bente Consulting ApS has been contracted by DEVCO B2 at the European Commission. The assignment includes the elaboration of an easy-access guidance document for civil society focal points (FP) at the EC Delegations and organization of a training session for the FPs. In addition, the work-in-progress will be presented at an informal donor meeting in Brussels in June 2013, where also main conclusions from the recent Civil Society Engagement in Policy Dialogue-evaluation will be presented for in-depth discussions. The assignment runs from 24 May to 31 July 2013.


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